Many women face the problem of having a loose vagina, especially after childbirth. After finding themselves with this condition, most of them become frustrated or embarrassed to seek professional help. Also, a loose vagina can lead to the loss of confidence and self-esteem. Though these are major concerns, what most people do not know is that a loose vagina is more of an indication that there is something wrong with their health.

Below are some health effects of a loose vagina that should be addressed before they get worse:

Health Effects of a Loose Vagina

Urinary incontinence

A loose vagina can be an indication of a possible urinary incontinence. With this condition, a woman finds it hard to maintain her pee, causing leaks. It creates an embarrassing scenario that should be addressed way before it worsens.


Weak Bladder

During menopause, women should not take the condition of a loose vagina lightly. During this stage, a vagina with weak walls is a sign of weak pelvic muscles. These group of muscles plays a crucial role in maintaining vaginal tightness, bladder control, and also fecal control. If not treated, having a loose vagina and weak pelvic muscles can make a woman keep running to the toilet every 5 minutes.

Fecal incontinence

Also known as bowel incontinence, fecal incontinence is the weakening of the muscles surrounding the anus leading to inability to control one’s anus. With this condition, the woman will unexpectedly find herself passing stool, or gas as they can not regulate the bowel movements at all.

Vaginal atrophy

Another possible implication of having a loose vagina is vaginal atrophy. This problem develops when the muscles or tissues of the vagina sag away. Vaginal atrophy leads to loss of lubrication and reduced libido.

Uterine Prolapse

Pelvic muscles serve a very crucial role of holding the womb or uterus in its ideal place. With increased age, the muscles and tissues which hold the uterus and also the other sexual organs in their right place get weak. As a result, the supportive muscles lose their grip to the uterus, causing it to descend or fall out of place.


Treatment Options

For some women, exercises are not enough to correct a loose vagina. In this case, surgery such as vaginoplasty may be necessary. An invasive treatment called neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) is also common. Herbal vagina tightening creams are gaining popularity and are way ahead in making an immense reputation because they are free from any side effects. It also shows instant results. But the best and surest ways to tighten the vagina are side to side exercises and herbal products. Go to this website and learn more on how you can keep your lady part tight for life.